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About us

Our mission is to make traveling more accessible for people with disabilities and to improve the working environment for drivers and onboard personnel in transportation services and on trains.
In our strive to achieve this we have gained almost 50 years experience in developing and producing el-/el-hydraulic vehicle mounted products. Therefore we can offer a wide selection of customised lifts, ramps and air suspensions for most types of goods and personal transport for car/buss and trains, available in the market.

We are constantly active and responsive to the high demands of the market and authorities and we are continuously developing existing and new products.

Our wide base of customers, which are found within international train services as well as Scandinavian personal transport, sets requirements for broad competency and high quality. High competency and a strong customer focus in our employees is reflected throughout all levels in our company and this ensures the user a quality product that meets all relevant standards and norms for the industry.