Air suspension system for increased ride comfort and accessibility to the vehicle.


  • Four air bags replace the vehicle’s original suspension system.
  • Individual suspension give increased comfort and driveability.
  • Can be controlled from the driver seat or from the vehicle’s B- /D-column.
  • Individual hight adjustments provide stable driveability regardless of load.
  • Lowers the vehicle so that max threshold height can be achieved.
  • Three separate possibilities for lowering; the entire vehicle, only right side or only the rear end of the vehicle.
  • Built in function for temporarily increased ground clearing.
  • The system is constructed for fast lifting and lowering of the vehicle, which makes the vehicle more accessible in traffic.
  • Strong and light weight special construction with little unsuspended weight (WLTP).
  • Built for Scandinavian conditions.
  • ABS and ESP tested as well as EU approved by TÜV, Germany.
  • Choice of components and technical solutions allow for extensive warranty conditions.

Currently exists for mounting in:

Ford Transit
Renault Master
Nissan NV400
Opel Movano

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Johan Sandin

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