Torsten Pisch has worked at U-Lift AB since 1992. During his time at the company, Torsten has held several leading roles. Torsten’s great knowledge and commitment has been a major contributor to the company’s positive development and current position as one of Europe’s leading companies in wheelchair lifts and ramps for trains and buses.

For reasons of age, Torsten has decided to reduce his commitment to U-Lift AB and intends to retire from 2020-10-31.

Recruitment of Torsten’s replacement is ongoing and is expected to be completed during 2020-Q1.

Due to Torsten’s pension, we ask you as a customer from 2020-11-01 to continue to contact in all matters CEO Mattias Olsson, , +46 457 45 06 54, or M/S Stephane Thomsen, , +46 457 45 06 59.